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Medicine Balls can provide a great full body workout, especially when combined with a rebounder, like the VTX Rebounder Trainer. One can perform a variety of different movements utilizing the arms, chest, shoulders, torso and legs. By adjusting the rebounder angles and throwing from different positions, it incorporates multiple muscle groups to increase strength and endurance while improving agility, coordination and reaction times. This type of training has been shown to play an important role in sports injury rehabilitation, recovery and prevention.



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Product Dimensions: 41 3/4” L x38 1/3” W x8” H
Weight: 62lbs

  • Sturdy 14 gauge tubular steel construction
  • High tension rebounder
  • 7-position pop-pin angle adjustments from 30-75 degrees
  • Built in 2 ball storage rings.
  • Weight plate posts store Oly plates to keep unit in place.
  • Footpads help protect against floor damage and sliding.

Product Description:
Add variety and intensity to your med ball workout with our VTX Rebounder/Trainer. Sustained throwing of a weighted med ball against a rebounder provides an intense full body workout.

Adjusting the angles of the rebounder allows the user to develop strength and flexibility throughout multiple ranges of motion, making it an ideal choice for training the everyday or professional athlete.

7 different angle adjustment settings. Stores 2 Med Balls. 

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